Can you believe it’s almost Mother’s Day? I know, I know what you’re thinking. Mother’s Day should be every day. Which is correct. Isn’t it incredible that all the mothers do so much for us and there’s only one day where we hand over flowers and chocolates and cards. I even used to memorize poems in kindergarden to recite at my mums bed. My siblings and I got up early in the morning, went outside to pick wild flowers as a flower bouquet and prepare a breakfast to serve at my mum’s bed. When the only thing she wanted is to sleep in.

Now that we left the house and she had the time and freedom and silence to sleep in, she doesn’t want anymore. That’s the story of life I guess. Still it’s a good day to remember how supporting and loving she is.

handmade mother's day card diy tutorial

I have the feeling that a card isn’t enough but it’s the thought that counts and I’m sure my mum knows how much we love her. It’s just nice to hear it from time to time, right?

DIY Mother's Day card supplies

All you need is:
– white print paper
– a plain white card (or thick white paper of the size of a card)
– pink paper
– a pencil
– scissors
– glue

cut out letters for thank you card - full tutorial on the blog

Cut out the letters you want out of the white paper. Therefore draft the letters with the pencil on the pink paper.

cut out mother's day card inlet – full tutorial on the blog

Cut off the above shape out of the white print paper. Make sure it is half a cm smaller than the white card. Stick it on the front and stick the letters on it as well.

typography thank you mother's day card diy tutorial

Voilá! You’re handmade thank you mother’s day card is done.

cheesy diy thank you mother's day card

I though long and hard what to write on it and made it than simple and oh-so-true. My mum is just the greatest. I can’t imagine how she managed to raise 6 kids and be so kind and understanding and always there for us.

DIY mother's day thank you card tutorial

Now. Carry on!