My life is pretty awesome when I think about it. This lovely weather makes me so happy. The trees grow leaves and the bushes are in full bloom. But not only the outside, but from the inside I feel really lucky. Every day there’s something different. I meet so many lovely people – now that I’m not locked into a room from 9 to 5. It’s fantastic.


Don’t get me wrong I’m working hard. But I can decide where and when. The quality of my work and the quality of my life have so much improved through that. And of course I decide not to work on weekends. I decide to go out and explore the world. Like today. Me and my boyfriend go for a mini road trip south of Vienna to visit an awarded young baker for breakfast and then go climbing nearby.


So the wood engraved sign I made yesterday gets this whole spirit because adventures are awaiting every day.


All you need is:
– a wood plaque
blow torch
– an engraver
– a paper template of the saying (you can download mine here: Adventures are awaiting every day template)
– a pen

Put the paper on the plaque and follow the lines with the pen with a little preassure. You should see the lines on the wood if you remove the paper. Now engrave it with the engraver.

raw wood engraving

You might notice that you can’t read it really well. Therefore I blowtorched the wood. It will only burn the surface and not the engraving.


Voilá! Your rustic wooden sign is done.


How are you spending the weekend? Any great plans?


Now. Carry on!