I love to pick wild garlic and cook with it. I once read that garlic is the vanilla of the poor man. If that’s right than wild garlic is the bourbon vanilla. I don’t know where this saying comes from because it tastes nothing like it. Luckily. Or this office lunch recipe would taste really weird.

wild garlic bread spread office lunch recipe

For this wild garlic cream cheese spread you need:
– 100 g cream cheese
– 7 leaves wild garlic
– 3 walnuts (or 6 halves)
– pepper
– 2 slices of bread

Chop the bear leek and the walnuts and combine with the cream cheese. Toast the bread and spread it on top. That’s it!

wild garlic cream cheese spread with walnut

The walnuts go really well with the wild garlic and add an extra texture. Hmmmm. Now that I’m writing this, I could just eat another batch. Luckily it’s made in 5 mins!

wild garlic sandwich lunch recipe

Now. Carry on!