Tomorrow is a bank holiday in Austria and you might think that I have a lot of time on my hands with the free day ahead – but en contraire! Do you know the feeling of being overwhelmed with the time at your hand and the things that you’d love to do that you’re (almost) stressed?! That’s me today. So I wanted to spent the least amount of time on cooking dinner. Well dinner might be a strong word for what I made and cooking is definitely not the right term. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticated. Well that’s at least what my boyfriend says. And the book that he loves to read. If simplicity is as good as cress sandwich with strawberries. I’m in. All in.


All you need:
– some white bread
– a little bit of butter
– a handfull cress
– a few strawberries
– salt and pepper

Cut the bread into slices and toast them slightly. Spread the butter on the toasted bread and cut the cress. Cut the strawberries into slices. Add the cress and strawberries on the bread and season it with salt and pepper. Voilá! All done!


It’s so easy to make that you have no excuse to try it yourself. Did you ever watch Ratatouille by Pixar? Do you remember the scene where Remy tries cheese and mushrooms together and it’s all fireworks? Well that’s almost how I felt when I tried strawberries with cress. It compliments each other.

cress-strawberry-sandwich-recipe cress-strawberry-sandwich-detail

Now. Carry on!