Today is the first day of this week that it was really warm. Unfortunately my job asked me to stay inside for most of the day but the days are long and so was my longing for ice-cream. So instead of doing sport (indoors) I ate ice-cream (outdoors). I guess even my mum would approve of that. Fresh air is good for you, that’s what she kept saying to me. And who am I arguing with my mum?! So I was just a good girl. The sweet ice cream made me quite thirsty though. Luckily I just recently made some ginger cordial. With some fresh lemon and ice cubes… so refreshing!


All you need is:
– 300 g sugar
– 300 ml water
– the juice of 3 lemons
– 20 g ginger (cut into pieces)

For this ginger juice recipe heat the water with sugar in a pan. Put it aside and add the lemon juice and the ginger. Let it cool and set for 48 h. Put it a clean bottle and you can drink it right away when mixed 1:6 with water.


Now I sit here slurping this delicious refreshment and not feeling guilty at all of skipping the gym. Not. At. All. (Ok, you got me. Maybe a little guilty.)


Now. Carry on!