I don’t know if it’s the warming temperatures or just me but I’m totally into gin again. The ginger syrup I made last week inspired me to a cocktail. Yes, I came up with my own cocktail recipe. I’m very proud. If I lie on my deadbed, this is something that I will pass on. Or maybe now. Better now. And I show this post to my grandkids. Yes, that’s a plan. But now I share it with you. Yes, you can consider yourself lucky.


All you need is
– 4 cl Blus Sapphire Gin
– 4 cl Ginger juice
– cold water
– 1 Tbsp lemon juice

For this gin ginger cocktail recipe just add all ingredients in a tumbler and stir well.


This is probably the best idea yet. But I say this probably about all my inventions. It’s really delicious though.


I used Bombay Sapphire this time. It’s in my opinion the best gin for this mixture.


Now try it out. And carry on!