This is a project that I did at home but I didn’t take outfit pictures while at home – on purpose. When you go on holiday there’s no better time to take pictures and it’s a shame that I couldn’t take more projects with me to photograph. This also explains why I wear shorts in November. Please excuse the messy hair. You know: the sea, the wind, the freedom. I’m not really sorry. I don’t have a hairstyle on my best days.
I took this photos in front of the Art Museum in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. I didn’t visit it yet but I’m intending to do so on a rainy day. I heard that next week will be more unstable – weatherwise. Until then I enjoy the beaches and sun.


I created this project as some kind of counter-project to all those shirts that I have with logos of all kind of brands. A few years back I stopped buying shirts with just the logo on it. I’m not a walking ad for their company. Even if I like the brand. When somebody asks me where my shirt is from, I’m happy to tell it but does my shirt has to shove it in everybody’s face?! I don’t think so. That’s why I created my own signature shirt. (Pun totally intended. I’m this hilarious.)


All you need is:
– a rope (in any colour you like, I like blue)
– a shirt (obviously with no logo)
– a scissor
– thread, needle
– pins
– chalk

Draft your signature on the shirt with the chalk and pin it tight with (a lot of) needles.


Now sew it on. I did it by hand but if you’re more savvy with a sewing machine feel free to save yourself some time.


As long as nobody looks on the back of the shirt mine looks like some pretty neat sewing.


This is actually how I write my name when it has to go fast, like for parcels that I receive or to give my ok on documents (at work). Normally I sign like this: Sarah H. I know that I just typed it but that’s almost as my signature looks like. I do get a lot of stupid comments when somebody sees my signature but it’s actually quite hard to copy (as some of those funny people tried) and I don’t know why you should not be able to read a signature.


If you’re signature is longer I can imagine that it looks also great if it goes all over your chest.


Remember this clutch I made. I think it’s one of my best projects so far. I carry it with me so many times. It’s been also to Amsterdam with me (if you look closely you can see it hanging on my bike in one of the pictures) and now Tenerife. It’s actually quite practical with the handles that keep it in place while you carry it folded but you can also extend it’s volume and carry it like a normal bag. If you’re looking for a clutch that’s pretty and useful. I don’t think it gets better than this one.


Now. Carry on!