I’m going on holiday once again. I let the cold behind and let the sun warm my cold arms and legs while you sit here and fight the miserable weather with tea and soup. Ha! This year seems to be the year of travel. At least for me. And that’s how I like it! Although I love the autumn season. (It might be even my favourite.) But it looks like the trees are clinging to their last leaves and the cold is creeping into my bones. I want to have some warm days one last time before I’m ready for snow and winter. I can, however, never imagine living anywhere without seasons. When the sun shines almost every single day; isn’t that depressing? I don’t trust people that don’t like the rain. But cold. A whole new story. My comfort zone in terms of temperature is very limited: not to cold and definitely not to hot. So Tenerife (where we’re going for the next two weeks) is perfect for this time of year.


However I celebrated autumn one last time in my home (I feel I don’t get out as much as I want to with the limited daylight and everything): A potatoe stamped autumn leaves wreath.


All you need is:
– potatoes
– a knife
– scissors
– black pen
– watercolours
– white paper
– a frame and/or clipboard

Draw the shape of the leave into the halves of the potatoes and carve them out. Paint them with the watercolours (you can mix the colours a little to create an even livelier effect).


Start with one shape of leaves and let it dry before going over it again with another shape of leave in another colour.


Because the wreath looked a little lonely and lost on the piece of paper, I wrote something inside. Fall in love. Pun totally intended. That’s how funny I am. Word games all the way!


I hope I do have regular internet access to make sure that I can send you a few images. But if not I’ll let you know how it was afterwards.


As I promised you to answer all the questions you have regarding my person: you can still send me those via e-mail, in the comments or on Facebook.


Now. Carry on!