There’s something magical about seeing a project of yours in a magazine. Let alone 4 of them! For the January issue of the Austrian lifestyle magazine Servus Magazin I created a few projects around the overall theme: typography.

Servus magazine january issue

I made a few useful projects like the DIY cement letters as tea cup coaster and the pin board in the shape of an a but also some pure decorative (and inspirational) DIY projects for your home.

Servus Magazin January styling DIY

As I’m still thrilled that I got a 4 page feature solely for this (with my name just under the introduction text. Yeah! Fame!), I want to give back to you: I will share the step by step tutorials here on the blog (once I’m done with Valentine’s Day and the love-themed posts that I’m so excited about). So stay tuned until mid/end of February!

magazine servus typography feature

Now. Carry on!