Others do Spring cleaning, I do Spring decorating. I hate cleaning. I really do. I would happily pay other people to clean for me. It’s just such a mundane task and not satisfying at all. I mean just a few hours later everything’s a mess and dirty again. Where’s the joy in that?! Sorry, I got carried away. Sensitive topic here. However there is much more joy and fun in decorating. And it lasts much longer. Especially when you decorate your wall – like I did here with my picture frame collage.


I found a few sources online that let you plan a picture collage. But what if you have already a wide selection at home and no idea how to hang those?! Well here is my idea.

All you need is:
– picture frames
– newspaper
– scissors
– tape
– nails

Cut the shape of the frames out of newspaper. So that you have the exact measurements and amount of pieces of paper as of the frames.


A little trick: If you have one really difficult size of frame, hang this first. I had this big picture frame that I just hung in a corner.


Now tape the newspaper to the wall and adjust and pull off and stick on again until you have a collage that’s nice on the eye. I let the paper hang over night and looked at it in the morning again. There’s no better quality control. I rearranged the paper again until I was fully satisfied.


Now hammer the nails right through the paper. No guessing or measuring necessary. You can rip off the paper afterwards. It did its job (perfectly).


Now hang the picture frames and voilá!


Your very own unique picture collage!


Now. Carry on!