Did I tell you that I have all my Christmas presents already? I think I did. I’d like to say it a third time: I have all the presents for my whole family! This never happened before because there are always one or two people that are hard to present. People that earn enough money to buy themselves whatever they want (at least on the level that you could afford as present as well) and do so regularly. You have to be either very good at listening and picking up on secret desires or find something that they haven’t even though of themselves. Either way: it’s tricky. You wreck your brain and research online and ask mutual friends but sometimes it’s just to hard.

But fear no more! I put together a selection of christmas presents for the hard-to-present. And they are handmade which makes them even more special!


1| Cushion with built in headphones 2| Terrarium 3| Tea shelf out of a wine box 4| Personlized wall art 5 |Handmade friendship bracelet 6 | Magazine basket out of newspaper