I love art. Easy and fun art. And you know that I want to make my living room more summer-like. I have been quite good so far. Love the cushion, the garland and pompoms. Now I wanted to do something with my art on the picture ledge I got from ikea way back.

So this week it will be a really easy and quick tutorial for some art display with a clipboard.


All you need is:
– a clipboard (any old will do, I just had this at home)
– a scissor
– tape measure
– glue
– wrapping paper


1. Cut the wrapping paper about 3 cm wider than the clipboard.

2. Cut out a small slot for the clipping thingy (now idea what’s the official word for that) that’s slightly smaller than the actual metal part.

3. Put some glue on the edge of the paper. (I put only glue there so I can easily exchange the paper once I get bored with the design.)

4. Stick the paper to the clipboard and cut around the edges of the metal clipping thingy. Wipe a little glue under that part and it’s done! A cheap and easy arts and crafts project! Just the way I like it.


Now look at what fancy art display I made!


This is it on the picture ledge next to the light up letter.

Head vs. heart? I’m more of a heart person when it comes to decisions. My boyfriend is always the thinker and realist. That’s what makes us the perfect team. What is it for you?


Now. Carry on!