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When it comes to tell my loved ones that I do love them, I’m an awkward person. There has to be at least a pun in there that I can actually make it happen. Not with my partner whom I tell regularly obviously. But when gifting something, I find it hard to say “I love you”. The best thing I can do is craft something that makes it less awkward and that’s what I did with these glasses. I can just nonchalant place them on the table and once the person finished his or her drink, they can tell. Win, win!

To make these glasses with a hidden love message you need:

*These glasses were gifted to me by ottoversand.at

If you want to make your own template, remember to mirror the writing. This makes also the pre-written version necessary. Unless you’re a genius and can write in reverse. Then, go for it, you smart DIY queen (or king!). Cut the template as small as you can.

Stick it inside the glass with your Washi tape. Make sure that it’s (kinda) centered.

Take your golden marker and write the message on the bottom. It’s trickier than I anticipated because the thick bottom creates an optical illusion. However, I liked the end result. The hand written style makes it much more personal and characteristic. Afterwards let it dry completely – either over night or 24 h. This is important or you’ll get a messy writing when you colour on top.

Once the writing is dry (the next day) take your black marker and colour over the gold. I made a circle and coloured it in to give it a more consistent and clean look.

Bake in the oven according to the instructions of your glass marker – this should make it dishwasher safe and ready to use.

You can see the whole instructions also in the following video. It gives you an in-depth look in how I actually created these glasses with hidden love messages.


I hope this gives you a nice idea on how to upgrade your table setting for Valentine’s Day. These DIY glasses could also make a nice present though for a gin-lover for example or – depending on the message you write on the bottom of the glass and the glasses you use – beer-enthusiast and so forth. The ideas are endless once you mastered the skill. It might also remind you of the love messages I wrote inside a cup. I liked the idea but it was not as practical to drink from it.

Now, let me know what you’d write as love confession on a glass? Any good puns that I missed?

Now. Carry on!