I have quite a lot on my plate lately. It seems like the 3 days off I have for Easter have to be well earned. This week I enjoy just having nothing planned on the weeknights. Just going home and relaxing. I needed that. That also means that my Easter decoration is quite simplistic (this is my fancy translation for easy and fast but still pretty). The best decorations are the ones that only take 10 mins to make, use upcylcing as a concept and still look cute.


Like my cress holding bunny (out of an old paper towel role). For some last-last-minute decoration just buy the cress and “plant” it in bunny.


All you need is:
– an old paper towel cardboard role
– scissors
– cotton pads
– cress seeds
– permanent marker
– water and a little time


1. Cut the role to a length of 15 cm. Fold it in half and make a cut of about 1,5 cms length. Fold it the other way round and cut it again.


2. Fold the corners in like if you close a package.


3. It should be closed like this.


4. Cut some bunny ears into the top part.


5. This is the finished cress pot.


6. Fill it up with the cotton pads. Cut it to the size of the bunny body so that you get a flat surface.


7. Add the cress seeds.


8. Water the seeds and put it under a glas cloche. This will help it grow and you don’t need to water it every single day. Let it grow!


After a few days (around 3-4) you can use it as decoration for example for your Easter brunch table.


The face I drew is kind of creepy and weird but who cares. It makes me laugh because it looks so displaced. One should not fear to make mistakes.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Now. Carry on!