We had horrible weather the last 2 weeks. Good thing I was on holiday (Did I mention that before? Not sure…). I’m still busy sorting the images but I’ll make sure to share a few with you. I’ve been to so many beautiful places and had such amazing experiences, the last 2 weeks felt like a whole month and I came back so inspired. Because – you know – holidays are for inspiration!

But every dark day (and with dark, I mean cold) has a bright side: you can still make cakes with a lot of cream and it will hold for your guest to admire it! Call me, Ms. Brightside!

This is another fantastic – easy and delicious – chocolate cake recipe from my dad. You know he’s the hero of this kind of cakes.


What you need:

For the cream:
– 750 ml cream
– 90 g dark chocolate (at least 50% cacao)
– 90 g white chocolate
– 2 Tsp Amaretto

Heat the cream in a pan and put it aside. Melt the chocolate in the cream and add the Amaretto. Put the cream in the fridge the day before (or in the freezer for 2 hours if you need the cake fast). It should be completely cooled down before beating.

For the sponge:
– 130 g dark chocolate
– 130 g butter (room temperature)
– 40 g powder sugar
– 1 Tsp Vanille sugar
– 6 eggs
– 180 g castor sugar
– 130 g flour

Melt the dark chocolate over a water bath. Meanwhile beat the egg whites with the castor sugar until stiff. Mix the butter with the melted chocolate, powder sugar and Vanille sugar. Add the egg yolks and mix well. Combine the 2 egg mixtures and add the flour. Bake for 60 mins in the 180 ° C preheated oven (This recipe is for a baking dish of the size of 24 cm diameter).

Once the sponge is cool, cut the cake into 4 layers and add the beaten cream in between each layer. Leave enough cream to cover the whole cake.

For the decoration grate 50 g of dark chocolate and cover the sides and top of the cake. Lay a round paper on top of the cake and sieve powder sugar on top. This leaves you with a nice white circle on top of the cake and is done within minutes.


After eating a piece my boyfriend said: this brings you straight to the morgue! After that he ate 3 pieces. Not sure if he wants to escape from me or the cake was this delicious. I hope the latter. No, I know the latter. I ate a few pieces myself. So good!


The flower in the background is actually wild garlic (or bear leek). A pretty decoration that you can use them for after they start to bloom and loose their fantastic flavour.

Now. Carry on!