During the holidays my plan to post every Wednesday got a little messed up. I’m not apologizing though! I love spending time with my family and this comes always first. If you want an apology nevertheless, head over to my Facebook page. I have been very busy with food comas and lazy days. I did a few DIY projects but they are still in progress. There is just one little thing that I don’t want you to miss out: little brioche piggies. Actually my mum made them for New Year’s Eve but they could be easily made for a brunch. My mum served them on the plates when we sat down for the meat fondue. So we had something to nibble while we waited.

The recipe comes from a befriended baker and is about more than 100 times tested.

Ingredients for 1 kg dough:

Starter dough
270 g flour
30 g yeast
40 g sugar
220 g water

Combine all ingredients and let them sit for 30 mins in a warm environment.

270 g flour
50 g sugar
80 g butter
10 g salt
1 egg

For the finishing
egg, lightly beaten

For this brioche pig recipe add all these ingredients for the dough to the starter dough, knead until smooth and let sit for another 30 mins in a warm place. Knead again and roll until 1 1/2 cm thick. Cut out one bigger circle for the head and a smaller for the snout, also cut two holes into the snout for the nose. Use 2 smaller triangles as ears and place the snout on the head. Attach the ears and add 2 raisins for eyes (you can also use chocolate drops for those who don’t like raisins). Coat with a lightly beaten egg and place on a baking tray. Let it sit for 20-30 mins while preheating the oven to 200 ° C. Bake for 20-25 mins.






Now. Carry on!