The title could have also been: If I had a shop. But then, I don’t have one and I like to live the life I have. I just sometimes daydream. Like this blog. It’s like a daydream. I pretend to be a crafter while I’m only a doer. But who cares. Most people don’t even do stuff. So it’s ok.

Well, back to the original topic: If I had a shop (and I don’t, I think I established that.), I would like the products to be special and original but also the packaging. That’s probably the hardest part. Most people don’t think about packaging and when they do it’s mainly in the just-need-something-to-put-it-in-hopefully-with-a-logo-way.  Luckily not all people think that way. There are (more) creative people (than me) out there, who think about problems beyond “I need my jewelry to hang somewhere that looks pretty”.

And there are people that share this stuff for me to find and love. Like Kathmography.

This is such a great use for packaging, that gives the cardboard a second – even more meaningful – life.

DIY Living (Case Study Video) from Reel Loco on Vimeo.

Now. Carry on!