It’s been now almost half a year since I did my last “Close & Personal“. Since so many people seemed to have read it and also commented on it – online and in real life, I thought I do an update on where my life took me and how it went with my resolutions.

So as it’s early in the morning: make yourself a coffee and let’s talk a little.

The new flat is wonderful.

As I said in February: we moved into our new flat. However, it took much longer than we anticipated (doesn’t it always?!). It was not until April that we could finally move in. There was a delay until the kitchen was in there and then some more until we had a faucet in the kitchen and then some more time until we owned a bed frame and even longer until we had a slatted frame. But piece by piece it came all together and since this week, we even own a sofa!

I hate the waiting. I love this process.

It’s been exhausting and thrilling. I don’t understand how people move and have the perfect flat right from the beginning. I already had some stuff but that needs to move around, there are things we got rid off (So. Many. Things!) and things one needs to buy. (See what I did there with the personal pronouns 😉 )

However, in my opinion, a home needs to evolve, reflect on the years you lived, the changes you went through and a keep-holder of memories. This takes time and effort and much more time.

So back in February when I promised you pictures in March, I was way ahead of myself. However, I think the kitchen (which is the heart and soul of our home) could get photographed really soon and I could show you some pictures. Little by little, I might reveal more but let’s not rush into this, ok?
You can see some of the kitchen in the images I share here. Sneak peak, if you want.
I’m currently working on my home office, so if you have great (DIY) ideas, let me know!

The new balcony though is huge and wonderful and with the fantastic and warm summer days, we had, we use the “outdoor room” fully – especially in the evenings. When we let the whole neighborhood be witness to our addiction to Masterchef Australia. I’m sure they hate us already for audio-involving them.

A lot of Work. Work. A little bit of Work.

In my last update I told you that I want to take it slower. Work-wise. Step back and do what I really love. This came sooner than I expected and not the way I anticipated: due to budget cuts, I lost a long-term client. I was sad. I was happy. Sad because I loved the creative work and photography I did for this client. Happy because it was one of the most time-consuming and energy-draining project I was working on. As I was constantly thinking about new ideas and concepts for the next days, weeks, months.

So the heavy work load took care of itself. I still have a few regular clients and surprisingly (or not so surprisingly – that’s just how it goes when you’re self-employed) every month there was a new small project coming in that kept me busy and just added that little extra financial help.

As I’ve been self-employed for 4 years now, I’m not that worried anymore if there are slow times. I really enjoy it now (as I see that there’s enough money coming in to pay for my regular expenses). It also gives me space and time to focus on the things I really love to do.

Work smart. Not hard. – It’s a challenge.

I said that I want to work smarter not harder. This only works if you have enough time to think things through and really think about how to go at something. This works sometimes but not all of the times. And not on all projects and clients. Sometimes I’m still hustling but most of the times it’s been good.

I’m in a good place right now. I wouldn’t mind a few more projects but I’m sure they come along eventually.

More free time = more time to create.

You might have seen that I picked up the amount on blog posts that I’m creating: I got my crafting groove back!

Not to the full extend as I still compare myself to others but I’m much more exciting to create something with my hands again. I missed that.

Create more. Worry less.

On holidays in May, I thought a lot about what I want my next challenge to be like and I found that I would really like to give creative classes. Not online but in person. I’m currently working on a plan to give my first macrame class. I let you know the details once it’s all set and maybe you’re around?

I still question my blog and what I want to do with it though. It’s been now almost six years and I still love this place but I have the feeling that I’m only sharing a slim part of passions here as I don’t feel that everything has a place on this site.

Where should I go with this blog?

It’s like when I created two Instagram accounts: One for my outdoor life and one for my creative (indoor) life. I’m a complex woman and I like climbing but not the grass-root, uber-vegan and alternative lifestyle that it seems to entail. I love nature but also cities and cute coffee shops. I love crafting and boho interior design but also simple and clean homes. How conhesive has a picture of myself and therefore this blog to be? I sometimes limit myself – maybe – too much.

Would you be interested to see more pictures and information about my outdoor endaveors here as well? Where I hike, what I do, where I camp?
Places I love to go here in the area and my hometown?
It’s so funny that people ask me about where to go and the equipment in real life but I never thought about putting it on the blog. Maybe I should start? Let me know in the comments!

Change is inevitable. Except from a vending machine.

In general: I would be really interested in, what you like and don’t like about LOOK WHAT I MADE … I know it’s hard to give feedback when somebody asks: what would you like? But maybe let me know which you like more: personal stuff, recipes, DIYs or the mix? Which DIY / recipe / blog post is your favorite?

I’d love to have more exchanges with you and I wonder how I could make that happen. Do you hesitate answering in English? (I speak German too and with Google Translate, I’m sure we can communicate somehow 😉 ) Or is the comment section not inviting enough and I should switch to DISQUS, so you get e-mail notifications when I answer?

So many questions. So little answers. Help me out!

Leave a comment and make my day!