The series LOOK WHO MADE IT is designated to create a space where I introduce and interview creative minds that I admire. People that work in the creative field, as Makers and Doers.

I have the special honor to introduce to you a very inspiring woman I’ve got to know some years ago when I was working in the eyewear business. Susanne Klemm is an eyewear designer and creative mind behind the brand Suzy Glam and originally from Switzerland but has been working in Amsterdam as a jewelry designer for some years. Through her other profession, being an optician and her partner she started venturing into the eyewear design business and her frames speak of her great talent and her jewelry making background.

LOOK WHO MADE IT: Interview with the eyewear designer Susanne Klemm

1 | You work as an independent eyewear designer: what drove you to do so?

I worked as a jewelry designer for more than 20 years and wanted to do something new. Because I also worked part time as an optician, it was a logical step to combine the two skills.

2 | How are you working creatively? Tell me more about your working process.

Instead of only drawing my designs and then let them produce, I design the frames in the material itself. The acetate I work with, is first cut, thickened, and then filed into the shape – like sculpturing. All this within the limitations that the result has to fit well on a face.

LOOK WHO MADE IT: Interview with the eyewear designer Susanne Klemm

3 | Where do you get inspiration for the glasses?

It could be anything, but most of the time I notice a certain structure, color or shape that I like. I then try to translate this into eywear. Mainly in art, furniture design and nature I find these influences.

4 | Who or what is your biggest influence?

Nature and my partner in this project, Etienne.

5 | What do you love the most about your creative business?

Independency and playing with the material.

LOOK WHO MADE IT: Interview with the eyewear designer Susanne Klemm

6 | What were the first steps you took to be where you are today?

Starting to play with material to see if I could produce something that could work also commercially. And then just start; taking the risk that nobody would like it.


7 | Could you give some practical advice to someone who’s just starting out or considering becoming a eyewear designer?

Do what you like yourself, not what the market demands. When it’s not a success, at least you have learned something and you had a good time.

And learn about the anatomy of a face. In the end a frame has to look good on a face.

8 | Were there any hardships that you had to overcome? How did you manage to do so?

There s a limit to what a producer can make technically, but that’s also a challenge.

9 | With what did (do) you struggle the most?

Finding a producer who understands our needs.

LOOK WHO MADE IT: Interview with the eyewear designer Susanne Klemm

10 | What’s next? Any plans for new projects?

Well, we have the feeling, we just started. Last year we opened our store in Amsterdam and we are continuously working on our collection.

We want to keep our company small because we want to keep our independency in every aspect of the business, from design to our relation with our clients. We are happy the way things go now.

LOOK WHO MADE IT: Interview with the eyewear designer Susanne Klemm

I’m the proud owner of the frame above and I love to wear it out because it does make me feel special. Who doesn’t like to feel special? If you want to check out her new design, you can do so on her website.

Now. Carry on!

All images by Suzy Glam