As I already told you earlier this week: I had another styling job for an Austrian magazine called Servus Kinder. I’ve been asked to create animals out of egg shells and they turned out so cute that I almost got obsessed. I have them now decorated in my kitchen and every time I pass them they make me smile.

And every time I pass them I have to say: oh, you’re so cute. Aren’t they cute?

Make yourself these cute Easter egg animals as cute decoration for your home.

The last sentence is always directed at nobody (when I’m alone) or my boyfriend. He started complaining that he said it already for the millionst time that they ARE cute. Always followed by the rhetorical questions how many times he has to say it. Every. Damn. Time! Because they are cute! Anybody want’s to argue with me on that?! Anybody?! That’s what I thought.

DIY egg animals supplies

All you need is:

– eggs (blown out)
– tissue paper in light blue and pink
– felt in red, orange and white
– pink foam rubber
– pipe cleaners in white
– white tiny pompoms
– scissors
– glue
– black permanent marker
– pink pen

Cut out the shapes you need and assemble the animals. Here’s a graph what you need for each animal:

how to make your own egg animals for easter

A picture says more than a thousand words but I also tried to describe how to make these animals.

DIY sheep out of egg and pompoms

For the sheep:

– a brown egg
– 2 pieces of pipe cleaner at 3 cm length
– pompoms
– 2 felt ears
– 1 piece of pipe cleaner at 1 cm length

Fold the two longer pipe cleaners into a V and stick them at the bottom of the egg. They make the legs. Make sure your future sheep will be able to stand. Attach the pompoms around the whole body and leave a little of the egg free at the peak to create its face. Stick the ears left and right alongside its head and paint eyes and nose. Stick the smaller pipe cleaner into the whole at the other end to make its tail.

Easter DIY hens out of blown out eggs

For the hens:

– 2 white eggs
– 1 half brown egg
– 2 orange felt beaks
– 2 red felt combs
– 1 pair of orange felt feet

Stick the comb on top of both eggs over the holes and the beak at the front. One egg gets the feet while the other will be sitting in the brown egg. Draw some eyes on top and it’s done!

Pigs out of eggs DIY

For the pigs:

– 1 brown egg
– 2 pipe cleaner at 3 cm length colored pink
– 1 circle out of pink foam rubber
– a tail twisted out of a 4 cm long pink tissue paper stripe
– 2 ears out of pink tissue paper

Fold the two longer pipe cleaners into a V and stick them at the bottom of the egg. Attach the foam rubber to the front and the ears to the top of the egg. Place the tail in the hole on the back and voilá!

piglets out of quail eggs DIY

You can also make tiny piglets out of quail eggs. Even more adorable!

DIY easter bunny out of egg shells

For the rabbit:

– 1 white egg
– 1 pair of ears out of white felt
– 1 set of teeth out of white felt
– 4 pieces of white thread at the length of 1 cm
– 1 small white pompom
– 1 set of feet out of white felt

Paint with the pink pen the insides of the rabbit ears. Stick them to the top of the egg and the feet to the bottom. For the face paint a pink dot for the nose and 2 black dots as eyes. Attach the thread as whiskers and the pompom at the back as tails. That’s all.

Craft a bird out of a blown out egg

For the bird:

– a blue egg
– a beak out of orange felt
– 2 wings out of blue tissue paper

Place the beak on top of the egg and paint the eyes. Stick the wings to the side and the bird’s finished.

All these cute animals are out of blown out egg shells and make an adorable Easter table decoration

Now tell me: aren’t these Easter animals out of egg shells adorable? All set together look just too precious.

cute pigs out of egg shells diy

What other animals can you think off? Am I missing one?

All pictures are by the extremly talented and very nice Katharina Gossow.

Now. Carry on!