You know I like infusing stuff. I guess I proofed that (on several occasions). At least I’ve done that with vinegar quite a lot. (They are on heavy rotation at the moment. Luckily I made a few different ones. I have now a special vinegar for every (salad) occasion!). Hiking up mountains to pick porcini mushrooms got me creative again: what about porcini infused in something? Like olive oil? Sounds great!


All you need is:
– dried porcini mushrooms (a handful)
– olive oil (enough to fill the flask)

If you happen to have fresh mushrooms, don’t worry. Drying them is quite easy. Just cut them into about 2 mm slices and put them on a baking rack. Preheat the oven to 50 ° C and put the mushrooms in. Put a cooking spoon into the door (so the heat can escape) and let it bake for about 3 hours. Let them cool completely.

Now put a handful of porcini in a flask and top it of with olive oil. And voilá! Some great porcini infused olive oil that you can use for salads and cooking.


Did you know that mushrooms have a lot of umami flavor? If you’ve never heard of umami, it’s the fifth flavor (together with sweet, salty, bitter and sour). It can make every dish richer.


So the designated use cases are endless! Like I said: some fall salad recipes maybe? With apple and walnuts? Or to enhance the flavor of every sugo I’ll ever make in the next weeks? What are your ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts and recipes!


Now that I think about it, I guess the flask is too small! So hit me with your ideas and I’ll chose the best one to cook…


Now. Carry on!