I like feeling comfortable and cosy. Especially in winter. Isn’t that the perfect time to cuddle up on your sofa and the best excuss to drink hot chocolate? And for this time of the year I collect cushions on my sofa. There can’t be enough comfiness? Right? Right.

Normally I just buy them but sewing a cushion cover yourself is so easy as 1 – 2 – 3. For a pillow the size of 40 x 40 cm you’ll need a piece of fabric of the size 100 x 46 cm.

1. Sew the hemlines on all 4 sides. I folded them in 1.5 cm and again.


2. Fold into a square of 40 x 40 cm. On the longer side the fabric should overlap for about 15 cm.


3. Sew the 2 sides that are still open and turn around. Now you have a sleeve where you can just slip in your pillow.

Like I said. Easy.

After step 1 I embroided the outline of a headphone on the cushion cover. It’s look – well – handmade. Nobody can say now that I only buy this stuff.

And after that I made a hole in it. On purpose.


Why? You’re going to see that in the next post.

It’s going to be awesome! I’m already excited about sharing it with you! But until then. Enjoy the cushion.


From the back:




Now. Carry on!