You probably wonder what that title means. Well, my boyfriend invented that word. Talk about a genius! Leonardo who?! When my boyfriend was little he had a cushion like others had a baby blanket and that cushion was called Datti. The original Datti got thrown away by his mother. One of the darkest days in his life.

Now my boyfriend has a bedtime routine which is listening to podcasts, audio books and radioplays. Most of the times I listen too but sometimes I just want to sleep. And for these times I made something special for him: a Superdatti!


What it is? Basically just a cushion with built-in headphones. And the best thing about it, it’s a very easy crafting project and the best present for music lovers.

All you need is:

– a pillow
– headphones
– a scissor
– some left-over fabric
– some threat
– a metall saw


Saw the frame from the earpieces.


Create a little pouch for the headphones and sew them in (be careful with the cable though!).


Open the cushion and insert the pouch with the headphones.


Close the hole again. The plug and most of the cable should still stick out. And it’s done! This will only take 20 mins if you have all the materials ready.


Now look what I made!

Do you remember this cushion cover? I showed you the tutorial last week…

What do you think? Isn’t that the perfect present for music lovers, children and podcast-fans?!

Now. Carry on!