I’m a huge fan of indoor plants (outdoor plants too but that’s not the topic here). I love to bring the outdoors in and I thought I’d start a new series about how I style my plants in my home.


This will have three positive effects:

  1. It’s for me a challenge to think about different ways to make my home more welcoming.
  2. I practice taking pictures indoor
  3. It’s an inspiration for you and I’d love you to participate.

If you have a picture to share on Social Media where you arranged indoor plants or a corner with plants in your home that you really love, please use the hashtag #lookwhatimade_plants for me to see. I’ll share the best ones here on the blog.


So first up are these branches that I just stole collected from a wild growing bush because I just loved the color of the blossoms.


Every time I wake up I can glance over and already get into a better mood – I’m a terrible person in the morning so this is a great help.


If it just weren’t for the bug that I encountered one day. Gave me a little freak until I realized, it’s a good thing: the fact that I can see the bug means I haven’t eaten it in my sleep. Think positive.

Now. Carry on!