Last Wednesday was a special day. It was my birthday. And it was a super-special one: I turned 30.


Do you like your birthday? Is it a truly special day for you? I love, love having birthday. What’s not to love? Everybody is nice to me, I get presents, there’s no better excuse to eat cake, it smells of candles, I get people to do what I want… I could go on. Don’t challenge me.

However one year, months after my birthday I remembered that this year my birthday was cut short. By the world. By daylight saving time. So instead of the already short 24 h I only had 23 h. So the day I found out I made my boyfriend to celebrate my birthday for an hour. It was fantastic: We ate cake, I graciously pointed at a book that I wanted as present and he sang a birthday song. Best. Birthday hour. Ever.


This made me realize that birthday is a state of mind. If you think about it, it’s true. There’s literally nothing special about that day but the concept of celebrating life and you in it. Which is very special of course. So over the course of the year I now wake up one day and feel like it’s a birthday. So the whole day I do like it’s my birthday. Everything good gets a purpose and reason and everything bad doesn’t matter. I make my boyfriend to play along with me and he really does. Isn’t he the best?

So I walk around with a huge smile on my face, buy flowers and drink coffee with a big piece of cake. That’s exactly what I did last Wednesday. And because I only let my boyfriend come along, my sisters get their own celebrate-Sarah-day. So that’s today. It feels like my birthday all over again.


I already told my friends of my concept of all-year-round-birthday and there are two different opinions: those who love the concept and those who don’t get it.

You get me, right? You can certainly copy my idea and please spread the word. Let’s all feel like it’s our birthdays and celebrate being alive much more often.

Now. Carry on!