Last Thursday –  as I already told you in my last post – I visited my parents for a long weekend (Thursday was a public holiday, I love the May. Best month of the year). They live close the Swiss and German border. My boyfriend and I traveled there on Wednesday night (6 h train ride!) in order to spent already the whole Thursday at my parents house. And my dad had a plan. He likes plans but mostly keeps them to himself. He’s normally more like “Get up! We’re going somewhere!” “Where?” “You’ll see. Pack a picknick.” Those were our holidays. Daytrips with the car. And it made me very spontaneous.

I loved those day trips. We got all in the car and drove off and at night we come back. With tired feet and a lot of memories in our heads. Even now, when I get into a car, I’m all excited. I love road trips. Give me a car and a road and I’m a happy-go-lucky girl.


This time my dad shared the destination: a pottery market in Dießen at the Ammersee, Germany. This is close to Munich and a 2 h drive from my parents house. We already left quite late – at 11 am and it was a sunny and warm day. We expected a lot of people to be there (the market’s quite famous) – and boy were we right! To boost our mood and strength, we had some cake and coffee at the local monastery. The cake there gets baked by the local woman. I had a huge piece of Black Forest Cake.

I just want to show you a view impressions of the market. I can tell you this beforehand: it was fantastic! I can’t recommend it enough! The potters have to apply for a spot and there are only limited spaces. I know a very talented potter who tried for years.

The talented people come from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain etc. It’s a huge show of craftmanship and talent and I did not only buy stuff but left with a lot of inspiration and ideas. One day I will have my own kiln…

PotteryMarket_plants PotteryMarket_Heads PotteryMarket_fish

My boyfriend bought one of these fishes for his dad as a birthday present. You can also hang them on the wall.


I didn’t buy this cup, but I liked it so much. I was so overwhelmed with options.PotteryMarket_Container

This is actually a clay tin. Very artistic, right? I didn’t buy this one either. Of course, I had to buy some things but those are for another blog post…


I didn’t buy this either. I regret it. Silly me. Next year maybe?

Naturally I had to take a picture of this cute fox bowl. You know how I love foxes



These cute cups are now in the possession of my lovely sister. Cute, right?



And this all took place at the beautiful Ammersee. You could feast on fresh fish sandwiches and buy smoked fish from local fisherman. Idyllic, right?


Don’t worry, I did not forget about part 2 of my 2-post-project. I just had difficulties shooting pictures. The post will come eventually. Good things come to those who wait…

Now. Carry on!