I’m totally into drinks lately. Drinks and taking pictures of drinks. Which is good considering that I have a blog to run. What I’m not into lately is writing blog posts and publishing them. Which is not good considering that I have a blog to run. I’m just plain lazy. I do what I feel like and that is drinking. Luckily not only alcohol. Phew. That was my liver speaking. It and my taste buds really like this drink. My new invention: rhubarb cordial. This syrup is so delicious that I’m anxious for the time when I run out of it. It’s the perfect summer drink but I guess that there won’t be any syrup left.


All you need is:
– 500 g rhubarb
– 750 ml water
– 800 g sugar
– 1 Tbsp lemon acid

Cut the rhubarb into pieces and cook it with the peel and water in a big pot for 20 mins. Take a cotton cloth and sieve the hot rhubarb mixture through. Press it to not waste any good juice. It’s pretty hot but with a wooden spoon you can press it against the walls of a pot and extract all of the juice. Put the rhubarb water back into the pot and add the sugar. Let it simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Add the lemon acid and fill the syrup into sterilized (washed out with cooking hot water) bottles. Voilá! Such an easy recipe!


I’ll only share it with the best of friends. And my boyfriend. When he’s nice. He’s mostly nice. Damn it. No excuse to drink it all by myself.


The ice cubes are frozen flowers from this tutorial. Go on. Try it out. I can only highly recommend it to you.


And did you notice the color?! I’m totally into pink right now. But don’t tell anyone.I was the one that used to hate pink but the wild roses persuaded me. Those and this drink (do you need any more hints that it’s really delicious and great?! I didn’t think so.)


Now. Carry on!