There was this whole macrame hype about 2 months ago. I’m a really lame adopter when it comes to things. When there’s an idea in my mind it either has to be executed this minute or it’s stuck in their for days, weeks or even months. I totally get what people mean when they say “pregnant with an idea”. It has to evolve and form and grow until you can bring it to life and share. Like this whole macrame thing. First I was all skeptical: “does it even look good?”, “is this something for me?” “is this actually modern or just weird?” (this reminded me when the hype with skinny jeans and trousers started. I had the exact same thoughts!) but then I grew fond with the idea seeing it all over the web.


So that’s why I did this plant hanging pot when my mum gave me another broken wine glass (my dad is also quite clumsy. So in my case it’s totally genetic and not at all my fault. YES! A great excuse.).


All you need is:
– zpagetti
– a broken wine glass
– a piece of copper pipe
– scissors
– something to plant it with (I used white cobble stones and a succulent plant)

For this macrame hanging planter DIY cut 2 pieces à 1,5 m off the zpagetti ball. Fold the pieces into half and make a square knot.


This will leave you with 2 small loops on each side. Weave the ends through the loops and pull tight.


Now make a knot with 2 different strings. Like seen in the picture below. Do this with all the strings.


Do the same with 2 different strings (that haven’t been joint together). Do this one more time like in the step above.


Now pull all the strings through the piece of copper pipe and make a tight knot with all strings.



Voilá! I made a macrame hanging planter.


Due to the fact that I live in a rooftop apartment, I don’t have any window sills to put pots and plants. This really bothers me sometimes. However with this great hanging pots I can add even more green to my home.


I’m totally smitten with indoor plants. That’s my alternative to not having a garden. And it’s even weather-independent. Ha! It’s actually better than a garden (if I keep telling this to myself, I might believe it one day).


Now. Carry on!


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