It seems like Christmas is the peak of decorating tradition of all year. If you think about you have to admit that there’s never more decoration than for Christmas – not for Easter, not for Halloween, not for New Years Eve. And what for?! You have to hide the decoration one week after the holidays the latest.


However my mum did something clever (she does things always clever, what did you expect? She is my mum!): she decorated winter-ish. The candles make it appropriate for Christmas but the rest of the decoration can be left outside at the entrance to welcome guests (or me) until March – at least.


If you ever see my parents house you’ll see where I got my passion for decoration for. My mum makes the perfect combinations of natural and kitsch decoration.


This one is more natural. Did you spot drift wood and different wild berries? They make the perfect addition to this winter decoration.


If you look at these pictures you’ll see that most of the material can be found in any winterly garden or you can collect them on a winter walk in the forests.


While you read this I’m in Munich over the weekend – work-related. It’s a shame that I don’t have so much time to explore the city. I’ll be back on Monday.


Now. Carry on!