There I did it. I annoyed myself. There. Do you see it? In the headline.  I actually hate when people write “food lover”. It seems like you’re limiting to a special group of people but actually it doesn’t. I mean who doesn’t like food?! Not everyone loves every type of food of course but who does? The word Foodie is better. Not everybody would call himself a foodie. My grandpa wouldn’t. But it would limit your selection to a group of people that are willing to name themselves after what could be either a dogs name, the store name of a dyslexic pedicurist or the weirdest nickname. Either way it’s a stupid term and even if I agree with the concept I would never call myself this (don’t make me write the name again!). So after some thinking I think the term connoisseur is the best term I could find. It means “somebody who is acquainted with something” or “knows about something”. This makes much more sense to me. I know that I like sweets, I know how to bake a cake and I know that I will never make a cake with zest because I hate the taste. There. I know a lot. A total connoisseur.

So after this rather philosophical introduction (or rant or discussion with me, myself and I – whatever you want to call it), my list for Christmas gifts for the food lover – or connoisseur – in your life.


1| Caramelized Onions 2| Lemon cushion 3| Cupcake Etagere 4| Cupcake Stand  5 |Kitchen Shelf 6 | Balm flower syrup and elder flower syrup (made with dried flowers)