Although it was beyond great that I had 26° C over the last two weeks, the drop of 20° C is something that my body struggles with. In order to keep me healthy I’m living of ginger lemon tea at the moment. It’s actually the hot version of this summer favourite – packed with Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory effects. Come at me, cold!


All you need is:
– juice of 1 lemon
– 2 Tbsp honey
– ginger (about the size of a walnut, cut in slices)
– 1 liter boiling hot water

Stir everything in a teapot and enjoy!


To mix it up I add sometimes a bag of black tea as well. To get a little different taste.


I’m still busy sorting all the images from my vacation but I hope to get a blog post up this week.

But for now. Carry on!