As promised a few pictures from my vacation. I know, I know. It’s now over a week that I’ve been back but I took so many pictures! Sighting them took a while. Also because every time I go through them, I remember the day and experiences we had (yes, of course, my boyfriend was with me) and I have the urge to talk about it. “Remember this day, when I found the home of an hobbit?!”


But first things first. As I already told you, we wanted to stay in Austria and venture around Nothern Italy. Unfortunately the weather forced us to leave Austria on the second day and kept us driving around from Lake Garda to Lake Como, from South of Tyrolia to Venezia. I saw so much that I have the feeling I was gone for a month instead of 2 weeks. One of the best vacations!

When friends ask about our vacation, I joke that we had holidays like retirees: Visiting cities, enjoying museums and hiking on mountains. Except my boyfriend did some mountainbiking. So maybe I’m just the senior. Well, who cares. I enjoyed myself. Very much. Also because we did not camp in a tent. We did that the years before and it’s fine for a week but after that I get the “camping blues”. That’s at least what I call it. I just tend to get grumpy and angry because I like a real bed and a clean bathroom.

So this castle would not be the perfect home for me. Although this could be the perfect reading nook.


The view over Malcesine at Lake Garda. Because it was not the main season, there were not too many tourists. I have been told that at this castle there is a wedding every day in main season. If you haven’t noticed, the little white tent is where the groom is waiting for the bride. I watched her walking in from the tower of the castle.


One late afternoon when we went to Lazise at Lake Garda where we went just for a walk before dinner, the light was so perfect that I had to take pictures.



I’m actually not that into hiking. I blame my parents who dragged me on every mountain that was in driving distance from their home. I hate that it is so exhausting and boring on the way up. My boyfriend loves hiking and to trick me into joining him, he always looks for ways to keep my mind busy like a wild water experience trail or searching for mushrooms or a castle is the destination. Fine with me as long as I have the feeling it’s not only a drag…

All the following pictures are taking in Austria. I really took them myself. I have to admit though that they look like as they are from tourist ads. Really cheesy.

May_vacation_Gosau May_vacation_Abtenau May_vacation_Hallstatt May_vacation_loser

Me. Hiking. This is not my happy face.


See how happy I am that I reached the top?! Funny story: the mountain from which I took the following image with the view over Lake Garda is called Monte Baldo and because it was not wholly covered in snow during the Ice Ages, you can still find flowers that only exist here. They are extinct everywhere else.


This is the view over Bellagio.


The photo below is from South Tyrol. It gives a good impression what the weather was like. I took 3 bikinis with me and I ended up wearing none. Since I get bored sunbathing it was ok with me. The best days were when we were at the botanical garden where I made the Daisy wreath and another day in Bellagio at Lake Como when we discovered the town center. The weather was very unstable and it rained at least once in 24 h. But with the car we were quite flexible and we just drove where the weather was good and asked around to get a room.


Did I already mention how beautiful it was?! I really loved Venezia. If you’ve never been to this city, you seriously have to go. It’s as incredible as everybody tells you.

May_vacation_Venezia1 May_vacation_Venezia4


Isn’t it crazy if you think about that the whole city is built on piles?! I can’t really wrapped my head around this fact.


This is really only a itzy bitzy teeny weeny selection. If you have time one day, maybe you should come by, drink some tea with me and see more. Just give me a heads up first, so I can prepare a cake.

Now. Carry on!