Yesterday I was invited to the Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle. Free drinks and food, partying with Bond girls and Victoria Secret’s Angels and meeting fellow bloggers. What’s not to love?!

I was invited by Woman – an Austrian fashion magazine and their table was right to the runway and main stage. I was like this close (imagine me putting my finger tips veeeery close together) to Bar Refaeli. The funny thing is: I almost imagined her being taller. But I also imagined Carola from Vienna Wedekind being taller. She is just so cute. And fun. And nice.

I met her actually on the metro and I was too embarrassed to speak to her. Isn’t it weird to walk up to somebody: “Hey I know you. I read your blog.” Maybe that’s just me. Socially awkward.

But I didn’t meet only Carola but  Anna from H.Anna (again), Michaela from Cooloutfit, Vanessa from Modewurst and Richard from Well those are at least the ones that I talked to. Please excuse that the following image is a bit blurry (please excuse the quality of the images for this blogpost in general) but I really liked the face Carola makes. Can you tell she’s an actress?


Well back to Bar Refaeli. She’s the first topmodel I meet. Well meet might be a strong word for seeing her in real life on stage. But what about her clothes? What is that? The invitation asked for evening wear and I mean: Did I really look better than her?! Yeah I did and I’m not afraid to admit that. (Joking. Obviously.) But see for yourself:


From the fashion shows I mostly liked Rebekka Ruétz. She won the Newcomer Award. She was so happy that she jumped with joy. On stage. Made me laugh. I’m certainly not a fashion blogger and never will be but look at the tights the models wore. I’m already wondering how I can make those myself. Any Ideas?


Now. Carry on!