I’m actually really proud of the result of the project I want to show you today. I started it before Christmas and I intended it as a present for my sister. I had a few problems with the sticking tape I used, so the whole thing ended almost destroyed in our storage room. When my boyfriend doesn’t like something that I’m really fond of, he says “we need to decorate with it” and puts it in the storage room which is basically a bigger wardrobe with a door. So you get a feeling for what this room is for. It’s where dreams go to die.

But the project kept sneaking up on me in my mind during the holidays. I went to a craft shop to do some research and I bought a textile tape. It’s like duct tape but smaller and in black. It was actually quite expensive for the few meters I got. However it was exactly what I needed. I took the leftover from the projext out of the room of broken dreams and built it in an evening. And I’m so pleased. I don’t even want to give it away. But I don’t have any relation to the letter A whatsoever. So a present it is!

The print you see on the picture below is from an Hungarian artist and I bought it in a little shop in Vienna. Because I was asked, you can get a print here.


All you need is some cardboard, fairy lights, a scissor, black textile tape (or any other colour that you like) and a power drill.



So I cut out the shape of an A and made a 3D effect through adding side walls. On the next image you see the letter from the back. This gives you a better idea of what I try to explain here.



Me. Drilling. Feeling very productive.


The A with holes. No giggling. It’s serious business!


Then I inserted the lights just so far that they hold in place. In the next image you see the A with the lights. As long as they are not switched on you can’t really tell the difference.


And now the A with the lights switched off. Beautiful, don’t you think?!



Look what I made!



Now. Carry on!