Can you keep a secret? I don’t know you for a long time, so I just want to make sure. I love technical equipment. That’s not a secret. I also love digital stuff. That one neither. Here it comes: I think that they sometimes do not look that nice. Even Apple products. That’s why I create covers and sleeves. Not only to keep it safe as I tell my boyfriend.

However, sometimes it’s tricky. Like for a second screen or a router.

router under cover

I worked something out for one of them: a DIY device cover with a book for my router. I got a very old book with no relevant content. I basically just ripped out the pages and had a very nice cover for the ugly router. So it can stay on my sideboard. The router’s happy, I’m happy. Win, win!

See how I made it:

Cutting out the pages didn’t work as well as I expected. The inside looked really messy after I was done. Although in the end product you can’t really see it, it annoyed me.

I folded one of the ripped pages into a third and sticked it over the messy part. Voilá! All pretty!