A friend of mine recommended me a new subscription service. I know what you think: Not another subscription-surprise-serendipity-lets-pay-too-much-service. I actually thought the same until she told me, it’s called Supercraft Lab. I’m a bit jealous that i haven’t thought of the name for this blog. And then it’s founded and created by two pretty and young ladies. If the service weren’t as good and the crafting material not what I expected, I would at least support two young female entrepreneurs. That’s how I justified ordering it in the first place. if somebody asks. But nobody asked. Who should have?


Back to the story: A service with such a genious name can’t be bad. Right? Right! It comes out every two months. Two months is a long time in my world. I buy clothes and wear them at home the same night just because I can’t wait.

But finally it came. Such a sweet little box!

After opening it with love, I knew: all you knit is love! Wool, needles, buttons and instructions for a beanie, scarfs, bookmarks and more.

I was a bit excited for 2 reasons:

1. I haven’t been kniting for about 15 years.

2. I actually wanted to knit a beanie since the tempreture dropped under 20 ° C.

If you’d like to knit one yourself. I found this rad tutorial by Andi on Crafts Tuts. I trust everybody that has been knitting since she’s 13 years old.

So perfect timing and perfect excuse. And after some youtube-tutorials and following the instructions from the Supercraft Lab this is the solution. I’m quite happy with it. What do you think?

Now. Carry on!