I was so happy when I saw that today arrived a box from maedchenwahn for me. Nothing can quite beat the feeling of serendipity snail mail provides. No wonder subscription services boom! Every time I open my mail box I have this tiny little rush of: “There might be something in there for me. Something exciting.” But it never is. Well it is, if you think bills are exciting. And leaflets. Well I don’t! So opening the mail box is most of the time the first disappointment of the day.

Well back to the package I got before I destroy the happy mood: My walls are still quite naked and I know this feeling. It’s not nice. So to add a little wall art I ordered something from etsy.


To make it more enjoyable, I share the experience of unpacking with you. Isn’t that the best. The excitement, the insecurity, the rush of Adrenaline. (Yeah, I’m that easy.)


This is the box I got. Pretty, hugh?


This is how it looked like when I opened the box. The number 013 is already a hint.


This is it! A calendar for 2013 called faces.


A nail is quickly hammered in the wall. By the way do you know why nails never go out? Because they get hammered so quickly! Muhahaha! A little joke I made up just for you! In this moment. Ha, my new calendar makes me already even more creative!

Unfotunately I can’t turn the pages without ripping them off, so you only get to see January on this blog. Yet.




To see all the pages just visit the etsy shop of maedchenwahn . What do you think. Isn’t it great?!

Now. Carry on!