Packaging has an important role to play: it is the first thing you see and builds anticipation. So making it extra pretty has always be my goal. It also gives me an opportunity to craft something – especially important when your gift is bought.

Last year, I gifted all my neighbours some candy. A candy manufacturer had been a client of mine back then and I had tons of it. Too much for me to handle. So I thought it’s a good idea to let others appreciate it. However, I always feel weird gifting something that I already had at home. Is that silly? Let me know in the comments!

To make the gift special (and quiet my conscious for gifting something I got for free) I created DIY paper bags that I painted to make them look like gingerbread houses. I’m so smitten with the packaging that it did quiet my mind – also the neighbours were really appreciative and brought me cookies in exchange. The big cookie tasting of 2019 – that’s what that Christmas will be known from now on. I can only recommend to do the same.

How to make the paper bags

What you need:

  • brown wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a chalk marker

Fold the bags like in the picture below. The size of the paper depends on what you need to put inside. Mine were 30 x 30 cm or about 12 inches.

Between step 5 and 6, you need to add a drop of glue. And that’s it!

To finish it off, fold the top like a roof and paint windows, a door and decoration on the front of the bag. You can use the following images as inspiration:

Hope this makes your presents stand even more out and if you’re looking for other gift wrapping ideas, check this or this out – these are other DIYs to make your small gift (look) even more special!

Now. Carry on!