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Chestnut cake

November 15, 2016

There’s simple no fall for me without pumpkins and no beginning of winter without chestnuts. Ideally both in combination. For today’s recipe I highlight the chestnut though because I realized that there’s hardly any recipe on this blog (this is an understatement – there’s none!). Which is wrong. So wrong. Because it doesn’t depict me or what I like. So I’m changing this shortcoming now with a recipe that’s dear to my heart stomach: chestnut cake.

Chestnut cake | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

It might appears that this recipe has many steps to follow but it’s really easy. We’re making a chocolate sponge and a topping with chestnut puree (store bought!) and cream. That’s basically it. Easy as – ahm – pie cake.

Chestnut cake

Chestnut cake


    For the dough:
  • 4 eggs
  • 80 g dark chocolate
  • 80 g butter (at room temperature)
  • 150 g sugar
  • 70 g flour
  • For the cream:
  • 250 g chestnut puree
  • 10 g powder sugar
  • 1/2 l cream
  • 5 sheets of gelantin
  • 3 Tbsp coffee liquor
  • For the chocolate glaze
  • 150 g dark chocolate
  • 6 Tbsp cream
  • 1 Tbsp honey


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
  2. For the dough separate the eggs.
  3. Melt the chocolate over a water bath.
  4. Put the melted chocolate aside and cut the butter into pieces into the same bowl.
  5. Whisk it well with a mixer and add slowly the egg yolks and half of the sugar until it's all well combined.
  6. Beat the egg whites until stiff with the other half of the sugar.
  7. Bake the cake for 25 mins and let it cool down completely on a wire rack.
  8. While the cake cools, you can start with the cream: mix the chestnut puree with the powder sugar.
  9. Put the gelatin into a bowl with cold water.
  10. Beat the cream until stiff with 1 Tbsp of sugar.
  11. Heat the coffee liquor in a pot and put the gelatin in (without the water!). Stir it well until it's completely dissolved.
  12. Add the gelatin to the chestnut puree and mix it all together.
  13. Add half of the beaten cream and stir well.
  14. Fold the rest of the cream into the chestnut mousse.
  15. Put a metal cake ring around the dough and put the cream on top.
  16. Let it rest in the fridge for about 2 hours.
  17. For the last half an hour I put it in the freezer to make it easer to add the chocolate glaze.
  18. For the glaze melt the chocolate over a water bath, add the cream and honey.
  19. Free the cake from it's ring and pour the glaze on top.
  20. If you've frozen the cake as well it should harden within minutes and be ready to serve.
  21. Enjoy!

Chestnut cake | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

When I make a cake I always share it with whoever is near me (*hint *hint). This time I managed to serve it 2 people that never had chestnut cake. Ever. In their whole life. I mean: how’s that possible?! They’ve been clearly missing out on some of the culinary wonders our world has to offer.

I felt like I had to fill in on their education and they both liked it. The moral of this story: If you like chestnuts you’ll love this recipe, I promise.

Chestnut cake | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

Another fun fact (this time about this shoot): When I shot this cake I thought it would look great with a black background to make it really pop. So I set up the background with a board that I painted black. When I was shooting, suddenly the board moved and knocked the candle holders over – right onto the cake. Unfortunately I didn’t had the feeling that I had the best shots already. So I patched it all up again and continued shooting. Can you still see the dents in the back of the cake?

I did my best. As always.

Now. Carry on!

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