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Wild garlic oil.

April 19, 2016

If you thought I got tired of wild garlic by now, you’re totally mistaken. I’m just starting with new recipes that conserves that herb for me to use it all year long.

Wild garlic oil | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

I tried some wild garlic infused olive oil last year and it didn’t taste as intense as I’d like it to, so I tried a different recipe this year: wild garlic oil.

What’s the difference you ask? Well for one you just put a few roughly chopped leaves into a bottle of oil and for the other you blend it in. Guess, which one I made.

Wild garlic oil | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

All you need for this wild garlic oil:

  • 15 g wild garlic leaves
  • 150 ml olive oil

Put both ingredients in a blender and mix well until it get’s a smooth consistency. Now sieve it through a fine sieve into a jug. Heat some water and pour it boiling hot into a glass bottle. Pour it out again. That bottle is now sterile. Let it cool and pour in the wild garlic oil – you might wanna sieve it again as the particles have settled to the bottom.

Wild garlic oil | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

I’m only figuring out what I can use this oil for: salads, maybe on an avocado sandwich, to drizzle on meat? The possibilities are endless.

Wild garlic olive oil | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

What would you use it for? Help me out.

Wild garlic oil | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

Now. Carry on!

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  • Reply Elsbeth April 21, 2016 at 8:54 am

    Hallo Sarah, ich könnte mir das Bärlauch-Öl gut für gebackene Auberginen-Scheiben vorstellen. Als Brotaufstrich würde ich eher Bärlauch-Paste oder -Pesto verwenden. Aber danke für all die schönen Bilder und guten Ideen. LG Elsbeth

    • Reply sarah April 21, 2016 at 9:15 am

      Hallo Elsbeth, danke. Zu gegeilltem Gemüse kann ich’s mir sehr gut vorstellen! Gute Idee!

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