In a former job we had this custom that during Advent we listened to Christmas music. This might sound fun and festive but it was the opposite. Everybody was allowed to choose 10 songs and this was made into a playlist and blasted out all day every day. Can you imagine hearing the same songs over and over again? And there were some treasures like Slovakian corals or Rammstein. It was torture. Which was its name as well. We called the custom Christmas torture. So this makes it even more weird that I miss it. I have a really hard time to get into the Christmas spirit.

DIY milk cardboard boxes houses light decoration

What always helps? Faking it. Fake it ’till you feel it, right? I started with baking cookies, making an Advent calendar and now I continue with decoration.


All you need is:
– cardboard boxes in different sizes
– a cutter
– white spray paint
– a black pen
– tea lights


Spraypaint the cardboard boxes and let them dry completely.

DIY cardboard houses lights

Cut wholes of the shape of windows and doors into the boxes.

DIY cardboard houses

Outline the holes with the black pen to make them more visible.


Cut holes in the back to cardboard for the candles to fit in. Add the candles, light them and voilá! You just made DIY cardboard houses lights.





They look great with the smaller tea lights. It’s actually bright enough. I was worried and bought the bigger tea lights as well but didn’t need them after all.


What’s the best thing: they complete my nice sheep picture I got from my boyfriend and they look great during the day as well.


milk-cardboard-houses-diyNow. Carry on!