I have a big family and one of the best things is that you have constantly people that challenge you and support you at the same time. They are really important to me and my brother and sisters are more like friends. We all have a really good relationships (with ups and downs like any real relationship), I can trust them but they also tell me when I’m wrong. I haven’t been home now for over 4 months and it feels so special to have them around me.


Two of my sisters live in Vienna too and we have a weekly breakfast club but 2 siblings are only a third. So I’m always looking forward to meet all of them. It’s always quite crazy and loud and chaotic but I love it.


I sometimes wish I had more time to sit together and just talk. On the other side: meeting my whole family makes holidays even more special. I was so looking forward to go home to my parents house (at least for 3 days). Easter and chocolate and celebrations are just a nice add-on.


easter-table-plate-chickHowever my boyfriend visits his family and I’m visiting mine. This means that we don’t spend major holidays (like Christmas or Easter together). To have at least a little celebration together, I set our table for Easter.


My boyfriend said it looks really nice but why the hell did I use Smarties as decoration which he isn’t allowed to eat?! Such a philistine! Our compromise was that I was allowed to take pictures and he was allowed to eat them afterwards.


I used this little chicks for a little Easter bouquet. And branches.


What are you doing on Easter? Going on holiday or spending time with your family?

Happy Easter everyone!

Now. Carry on!