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Frozen banana.

February 18, 2014

You probably wonder why I post something frozen while it’s actually cold outside. I always preach not to get ruled by the weather but this actually really makes total sense on a whole new level: did you know that banana and chocolate make happy? You might. But did you also know that they are suggested as food to fight the Winter Blues? Probably not. I didn’t make that up, it’s really true.


All you need is:
– wooden cocktail sticks
– mini bananas
– dark chocolate
– sprinkles

Melt the chocolate over a water bath. Make sure that it doesn’t get hotter than 30° C or it will crumble. Peel the bananas and stick a cocktail stick in it the long way. Let the chocolate run over the top of the banana and add sprinkles. Let it cool at room temperature and freeze once the chocolate has hardened.


I first had frozen bananas in Carnarvon, Western Australia while I was there studying abroad (and traveling). I didn’t know that bananas are still this soft and delicious when frozen. They make the perfect popsicle.



With sprinkles and dark chocolate they make the perfect snack or dessert – to fight the Winter Blues but also in summer.


I had this plan of keeping these tiny bananas in the freezer and have an emergency snack. But they were gone in no time (and I didn’t even invite friends!). They are just too delicious to save!


The background for these pictures was actually a tea towel by marimekko. The design is just to beautiful not to use as a backdrop. They are from last year but this years design is also fantastic if you ask me.

Now. Carry on!

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