September was a great month for me. I’ve just realized that. A little late. I know. You probably wonder why I have this realization 4 month later… Well. I’ve been featured in a magazine. Yes. Me! With my little blog.

They sent me a request for images in high res (and some questions for the interview) in spring last year. I sent them what they asked for but haven’t heard back since. So I thought it just never happened. Imagine how surprised I was after I got an e-mail from a totally different person telling me that I have been in a magazine last year in September!


It’s a English crafts magazine called “Crafts Beautiful” and they just sent me a copy. (It really is a copy of the article, not the magazine.) They didn’t have the magazine left, so that’s all I got but since it’s my first print feature, I don’t care. I jump with joy and dance through my flat. I’m going to cherish it! I’m going to frame it! I’m going to read it to myself ever night! Maybe not.

But I’m really proud of the feature. I can’t believe that it was my face printed in an actual magazine.


If you do live in England and have this issue (September 2013) at home, I would be willing to pay you to get it. I’m serious. Just let me know… that would be awesome!

Now I’m going to dance a little more. Carry on!