If you follow this blog for quite some time now, you are probably surprised that there is no blog post about a DIY project up tonight. Well I mixed it up a little. Life doesn’t always resonate with my blog schedule and since it’s my blog and my decision there will be a recipe for you.

The reason is that my boyfriend and I make a Törggelen evening tonight. Törggelen is a custom from South Tyrol and also called “the fifth season”. After harvesting the wine and fruits South Tyrol is famous for, they get together drink the early wine, eat Speck and sweet chestnuts and celebrate their hard work. And you know how much of a fan of South Tyrol I am. And you should never pass up on an opportunity to eat sweet chestnuts and Speck. However I don’t have any early wine to drink but that shouldn’t stop me. I just came up with my own interpretation of a Törggelen drink: Amaretto Apple punch.


All you need is:

– 1 Tbsp Amaretto
– 1 apple
– 4 Tbsp white wine
– 250 ml apple juice
– 1/2 tsp Vanille sugar

Cut the apple into pieces and let them soak in the Amaretto for 30 mins (the longer the better). Bring the white wine, apple juice and Vanille sugar to the bowl in a sauce pan. Turn off the heat and add the apple pieces. Simmer for 5 mins and serve hot. I used the cinnamon stick only to stir a little and as decoration as it will overpower the flavour quite quickly.


The longer you cook it, the less alcohol there will be in the drink. Also if you soak the apple longer in the Amaretto it will get some extra punch.


Happy Törgellen evening to you! Cheers!


Now. Carry on!