I hate that the blogosphere and magazines talk about autumn. It’ not here yet! Don’t start me thinking about it! I want to enjoy summer as long as I can. This is also why I wore jeans shorts and skirts the last week although I’ve been freezing. I trust the sun too much I guess. If it’s shining I expect temperatures of 30° C and more. Now she spoiled me and then she disappoints. Isn’t it always like that? First they make you get used to chocolate and cooked meals and then they just don’t do it anymore. From one day to another I’m all alone with my cravings. I’m in a complaining mood as you can see. The only thing that helps now is chocolate. Or flowers. Don’t you think that looking at flowers brightens the mood (not as much as chocolate though but I’m feeling generous).

So for the last days of summer I made flower ice cubes. Enjoy the last warm sunsets with an ice-cold drink with flowers floating around.


All you need are little eatable flowers like borage and begonia, water and a few hours time.


While borage doesn’t taste like much but looks pretty in different shades of purple and blue, begonia tastes a little sour and blooms pink.

The trick with making the flowers is to put them in the ice cube tray and fill only half with water. Wait until they are frozen and add some more water. That way the flowers are in the middle of the ice cube and not on one end. (Otherwise the flowers will float and escape to quickly from the ice cube once put into a drink.)



My dad took this pictures for me since I made the ice cubes at home with flowers from my parents garden and I had to leave before I could enjoy a drink. Before you have too much pity with me though: I’m going home for another weekend soon and I’m determined to make some more and really enjoy them.


Until then I just dream looking at these pictures.


Next time I try to boil the water first and let it cool before adding to the ice cube tray. I’ve read somewhere that this way the water stays clear. I’ll let you know how the experiment goes.


With the evening sun shining through I think they are still very (very!) pretty. What do you think?


If you don’t have any of these flowers that I used at home, you can also use daisies. Did you know that they are eatable too?


Now. Carry on!