No, I’m not having a party. I’d wish. But I made a paper garland and no decoration shouts more party than a paper garland. At least that’s what I think. Every time I have a drink now in my home, it feels like a party. A very lonely party. But who would talk to me anyways at parties? At parties I’m the one that makes everybody wish they were back at home in their comfy beds. So probably the best parties are when I’m alone. Nobody’s judging my dancing. I could drink until I’m embarrassing and nobody could tell tales the next morning. There’s only my favourite music playing. I could wear that shirt that’s mainly inappropriate for all occasion. I wouldn’t have to fight over the food.

The more I think about it the more I want that lone party… Well at least the decoration is almost all set.


This is the easiest party garland you’ll see on the internet.

All you need is:
– paper
– glue
– scissor
– string


1. Fold the paper (either in half or from both sides like I did – depends on the size of the pennants you’d like to make).


2. Cut triangles with the fold on the end where it is going to be attached to the string.


3. Line the folded triangles on the string and glue them together.


4. You’re done. Told you this is easy!


Would you like a lone party as well?


Look how my world map looks now like party. The whole world is partying. At least in my flat.


Now. Carry on!