Did I tell you that I’m on holiday? Can’t seem to mention it enough. So much time on my hand, enough to create a blog post every day. But I use the time rather for inspiration and planning as you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram.

You’ve seen the result of today’s tutorial probably already on my post about my new jeans shorts. The thing is: I have a problem with boredom. When it comes to sitting still and doing one task at a time I’m really horrible. Even at work I do 2-3 tasks at a time. However when it comes to crafting, I’m much more focused and get into a flow that I can hardly describe to anybody who hasn’t experienced the same. This is probably what got this whole blogging thing started.


But look what I made in the botanical garden (while my boyfriend was lying in the grass, enjoying the sun): a tiny wreath out of daisies. It’s quite easily made and you don’t need anything but some daisies and your hand.


Collect a few daisies. You need quite a lot and selected those with stronger stems.


Make a hole into the stem with your finger nail.


And do this with many daisies more. The hole shouldn’t be bigger than the flower.


Now take two daisies and put the stem of one through the hole other. It should look like this:


Now take the daisy that you just threaded through the hole and put another daisy through its hole. Keep on doing this unitl it is so long that it would sit nicely on your head. In the last daisy you need a bigger hole through which you can thread the flower of the first daisy. Voilá. That’s it.


You can cut the longer stems if you like. I like the special effect of them hanging done. When would you wear this daisy wreath?


Now. Carry on!