I told you yesterday that I would like to post more. I’m hereby keeping my promise. This is not going to be a tutorial of a DIY but I wanted to share with you a nice little café-slash-bar that I found today in the Zollergasse in Vienna. I was wandering through the 7th district with my sister when we stumbled upon this very nice location. We actually embarrassed ourselves because we pressed our noses against the window on which other side the probably most rich and promising chocolate cake stood. The staff saw us and had a laugh. At least we made somebody happy.


We couldn’t walk passed this amazing chocolate cake and went inside – what turns out to be Hipster heaven.

And this is it. The best chocolate cake. Ever.


The ambiance was quite rustic and industrial but I felt very comfortable.


The café is called “Liebling” what means something like “favourite” or “darling” and I sure found my favourite chocolate cake.


Now. Carry on!