Today is the first Advent sunday. And as the tradition commands every household has to have a Advent wreath and light the first candle. I wanted to make a wreath for 2 weeks now but it’s just so hard to get branches of fir in a city. And it’s been cold. And my weekends were filled with other leisure activities. So today I had to get up early (what means 10 a.m.). Get going at 3° C. It wasn’t easy but that’s what you get from procrastinating all week.

This is the result.


All the materials are natural: fir branches, pine cones, snowball berries, stars out of mandarin peel and beeswax as well as beeswax candles. Even the form that I wrapped it around is out of straw.



Happy Advent everybody!


And the advent wreath the next morning (of course without the candle burning…)





The Advent wreath the next day:

Advent wreath the next day

Now. Carry on!